RoboHELP Info Source

Subject: RoboHELP Info Source
From: Hope Cascio <hope -dot- d -dot- cascio -at- US -dot- ARTHURANDERSEN -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 08:21:20 -0400

I haven't had much luck in my subscription to the RoboLIST. I subbed for
about two weeks, then unsubbed because my inbox was filling up with "how do
you use this tool" questions that were indicative of a lower level of
familiarity with RoboHELP than my own. I think the tech writers on here
are much more experienced, on average, based on the posts I see, and if I
had a question about RoboHELP that I felt was advanced, I'd post it here.

My .02,
Hope Cascio


cc: (bcc: Hope D. Cascio)
From: DSPITERI -at- TUC -dot- COM
Date: 05/12/98 02:52 PM
Subject: RoboHELP Info Source

I have noticed quite a few RoboHELP and/or Windows/HTML Help related
questions cropping up here. There is a LISTSERV facility like this one
available that is focused on RoboHELP usage. It is crawling with
individuals who have experienced every type of RoboHELP problem. We
use them all the time and have also received a lot of great general
HELP and HTML HELP tips from this source. Here is the info on where
you can subscribe:, or send email to
robolist -dot- support -at- blue-sky -dot- com with the subject line: RoboLIST Info
Once you subscribe the list is at:
RoboLIST -at- slctnet -dot- com
RoboLIST Searchable Archives are at:

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