Re: Period at end of items in bulleted list

Subject: Re: Period at end of items in bulleted list
From: Barbara Roll <broll -at- MICROSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 08:17:02 -0700

According to the Microsoft Manual of Style:
End each entry with a period if all entries are complete sentences, are a
mixture of fragments and sentences, or complete the introductory sentence.
An exception is when all entries are short imperative sentences (three words
or fewer) or single words; these entries do not need a period. If all
entries are fragments that do not complete the introduction, do not end them
with periods.

Barb Roll
broll -at- microsoft -dot- com

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Subject: Period at end of items in bulleted list

What say ye, Technwhirlers? Should there be a period at the end of each
item in a bulleted list EVEN if that item is not a sentence? My thought is
that only sentences have periods. If I just have a bulleted list of items,
I don't use periods. My co-worker disagrees. I think she sees it as a
matter of consistency (but I *am* consistent... I only put periods at the
end of sentences).
Hillary M. Russak
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