Re: #$ -at- % secretary stuff and the Grammar Guru

Subject: Re: #$ -at- % secretary stuff and the Grammar Guru
From: "Hutchings, Christa" <cwhutchings -at- HOMEWIRELESS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 16:35:06 -0400

Hey, John, relax. I took this job because I really liked the company,
had worked previously with quite a few of its employees, and I am
impressed by what they are doing here. I also will have many, many
opportunities here that I probably wouldn't have as a contractor - like
getting in on the ground floor with a new and growing company, setting
up and managing the company's tech pubs effort, picking my own software
tools, hiring the people that I want to work with, etc.

And no, I don't get OT, but I do get paid vacation and paid sick days.
Do you? Besides, my 401K contribution is pre-tax - is yours? The icing
on the cake is that my stock options will cost a fraction of what I'd
pay on the open market. How about if we compare financial statements in
a few years and see who comes out ahead?

Chris Welch-Hutchings
Sr. Technical Writer
Home Wireless Networks, Inc.
Norcross GA (USA)
cwhutchings -at- homewireless -dot- com

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> > And yes, I could make a whole lot more as a contractor. In fact, I
> > turned down a contract position that would have paid me nearly twice
> > what I'm making now in order to take this position with my current
> > employer. However, I don't like paying for my own health insurance,
> >
> You ARE paying for your own insurance...why do you think you are
> earning
> half of what the contractors are making. Through my agency, I'm paying
> about
> $220 per month pretax for health insurance. Are you making ONLY
> $220.00 less
> than the contractor? Mine is payed with the first 5 hours of OT in the
> first
> week of the month. Do you even GET OT?
> > disability insurance, life insurance, etc. (uh-oh, that naughty
> Latin
> > word again!). I also like being able to sock away a lot of pre-tax
> $$$
> > into a 401K, and get stock options too!
> I also have an employee-contributed 401(k) with name-brand mutual
> funds
> (American Century, Fidelity Magellen, and Dreyfus.)
> OK, I don't have stock option.. am buying the stock on my own..but I
> don't
> have to be vested to take it out, either.
> Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to play "my daddy can beat up your
> daddy", it's just that when I see people accepting the premise of
> making
> less money so that they can pay more for things, I get confused.
> John Posada

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