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Subject: Re: Interviews/Resumes - Military
From: "Marilyn Baldwin (mlbb -at- capgroup -dot- com)" <Marilyn_Baldwin -at- CAPGROUP -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 13:14:53 -0700

Okay, let me 'splain here...

What I meant by not putting "Military Experience" is what I have seen many

Military Experience: 4 yrs, USMC

That's it, nothing mentioned about WHAT experience. You really should head
it Military SERVICE if that's all you're mentioning. And, again, if you
have nothing at all to descibe about the years you spent in the service,
why mention it, really? There are some people who will give points for
your just being in the service, but there are others who won't. Just doing
four years' time might mean only that you didn't screw up enough to get
tossed out. At least you might put something like "4 yrs, USMC (Pfc at
enlistment, Cpl at honorable discharge) - wankler repairman."

The experience description (servicing radars, commanding troops, repairing
wanklers, being a translator, programming task codes, whatever) should
simply be included under Job Experience (or Work History, or whatever your
preferred heading is), along with any other details you hope will show your
sterling skills and make the prospective employer interested enough to book
an interview.

Hope that clarifies what I was trying to say...

- Marilyn Baldwin (mlbb -at- capgroup -dot- com)

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