Re: Exporting FrameMaker to Word7

Subject: Re: Exporting FrameMaker to Word7
From: David Warren <David -dot- Warren -at- NEXTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 17:32:37 -0400


From bitter experience, do not expect the export-to-word process to be
easy. You will have to break the document up into at least
chapter-sized files to have a hope of manipulating and printing the
book, especially a book rich in screenshots and other graphics.

The prospect of re-converting the files back to Frame is none too puny
either. Perhaps you should gently explain to the manager who is
requesting these acrobatics that you shall loose most of your
formatting...sometimes the human problem is easier to deal with than
the cyberian.

I bet the PM-->Frame conversion would go more smoothly, since both are
now Adobe products. Check their web site for current info. My gut
feeling (and since I am quite fat, I can't ignore it) is that the
conversion would go more smoothly if you convert from
PM5/Mac-->PM6.5/Mac-->Frame5.5/Mac. If management has forced your
shop to leave the Mac for political reasons and you *must* use a
Wintel machine, do the Mac-->PC conversion in Frame.

Good luck on this Sisyphean task.

David T. Warren
Publications Manager, Nextel Communications

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Subject: Exporting FrameMaker to Word7
Author: Amy Janczy <janczy -at- gilson -dot- com> at INTERNET
Date: 5/21/98 12:06 AM

Does anyone have to export completed Frame manuals (200+, lots of
linked Illustrator graphics) to Word7 for final approval/printing?
I'm being asked to do this with the following requests:

- I produce ONE (obviously giant) Word file containing resident, not
linked graphics - there is a feeling that people would be 'confused'
about linked graphics, even with a very clear, local file structure
set up on the network

- I am able to then import any changed Word documents back into
FrameMaker and hopefully not take more than a day to do my "cleanup",
which I'm assuming would involve re-setting all my index and TOC tokens
(or the Frame equivalent of this). (I personally feel they ought to
simply tell me what minor changes they made - like to the cover page
re: printing date or some typo stuff.)

- Also, does anyone know if you can quickly convert PageMaker 6.5
documents into Frame? All our manuals are now in PM 5.something and
were mostly done on the Mac.

Amy Janczy
Gilson, Inc.
Madison, WI

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