Re: Proofreading Everything Under the Sun-- A TWs responsibility?-- P

Subject: Re: Proofreading Everything Under the Sun-- A TWs responsibility?-- P
From: Fabien Vais <phantoms -at- POP -dot- TOTAL -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 11:14:17 -0400

I agree with Shannon White. I hate people who say "It's not my
responsibility." and in the meantime, a document goes out the door with
unacceptable and easily avoidable typos and errors.

However, I also don't like the feeling of being *overwhelmed* with work.
That becomes overbearing, paralyzing, and non-productive. I believe in
PRIORITIES. Even when everything is extremely urgent, and everything needs
to be done yesterday, there have to be priorities. You simply cannot split
yourself into 10 people and do everything at once.

So, if you are unable to determine which of the hundreds of tasks you should
do first, I like to "dump" the problem in my supervisor's lap. Certainly not
to pass on my responsibilities, but so we can see eye to eye on what needs
to be done first. And also in order to accept the fact that "not everything
is going to be done in a day", so let's decide what WILL be done today. This
is a much more professional attitude. And you shouldn't get any laughter either.

This way, you will certainly be extremely busy, but never panicked and
overwhelmed. I never complain about busy, even crazy busy. The alternative
is waiting for the phone to ring...! :-D

Fabien Vais
phantoms -at- total -dot- net

At 06:59 AM 5/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Does everything going outside your company need to be seen by a
>proofreader first? Yes! Nothing loses credibility faster than stupid
>typos and incorrect "there" vs "their."
>Is is fair that you have to do it not being assigned to projects? No.
> Is it demeaning to you? Yes. Is it the best thing for your company?
> Yes, it is.
>Take your problem to management. Scream and rant at the unfairness of
>the world and demand additional resources. Stand back and be
>overwhelmed by the laughter.
>Everyone designated as a technical writer, that I can see, is being
>plagued by similar problems. You either live with it and do the best
>that you can because you truly believe that your job makes a
>difference, or you get out. You can take the attitude not to do
>something because it is "not my responsibility," or you can say "if I
>don't take accountability for doing this job right, no one will." In
>the long run, I believe the 2nd attitude will pay off.
>Shannon White
>Business Technical Writer
>State Farm Insurance Companies
>shannonwhite -at- yahoo -dot- com
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