re Pros and Cons of including writer's name

Subject: re Pros and Cons of including writer's name
From: "Mark L. Levinson" <mark -at- MEMCO -dot- CO -dot- IL>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 12:37:55 +0300

I was an editor/supervisor of technical writers at
now-defunct Daisy Systems. The writer's name was on
each book, and I was unhappy because giving credit to
a single writer was seldom accurate. All the writers
helped one another, often a book prepared one year by
one writer would be revised the next year by another,
and of course I as editor was responsible, without
credit, for making them all look better than they
really were. ;)

The crediting of books was stopped by our legal
department for an entirely different reason: The
lawyers were worried about what happens when a writer
leaves. The writer might on the one hand demand no
longer to be associated with the company's product,
or might on the other hand object to the work being
associated with someone else. Easier just not to name

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