FrameMaker 5.5 to PDF Relived

Subject: FrameMaker 5.5 to PDF Relived
From: michael moore <mayhawk -at- HOTMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 11:53:19 PDT

Hey all,

It's me again, with the FrameMaker to PDF nightmare relived. Thanks to
the help of the expert Frame users out there, I successfully created
four PDFs (good news); however, two pages lose most of their text (bad
news). Distiller produces an error message that reads as follows:
%[Warning: The following Named Destinations were not defined ]%

These pages were laid out with two text frames. What I will call the
main text frame does not convert to PDF. The text frame where it is
supposed to appear is blank when read in Adobe Acrobat Exchange or
Reader. The margin text frame, where I cut and pasted some tables for
margin text, shows the side bar text for one of the tables on the first
of the two pages but prints nothing for the other three on the second of
the two pages. Mind you, the output is perfect on our laser printer.
Only Distiller gives me this faulty PDF output.

How should this problem be corrected? I am certain that the glitch has
something to do with this side bar text or page layout with tables. I
just don't know how to correct it. I have tweaked a number of things in
the Adobe PostScript printer, Acrobat Distiller, and in FrameMaker 5.5
to no avail. The only guaranteed method of restoring Distiller's
ability to convert the text to PDF is removing the offending tables
altogether. If there is a means of restoring this text without removing
the side bar text, I would prefer to use it to removing those objects,
though if that is the only means of successfully producing a PDF, I will
use it.

Again, thanks for the help last week, and thanks in advance for the help
on this one.

Michael D. Moore
RTP, North Carolina

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