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Subject: Re: TW Rates/Remuneration
From: "McMARTIN, Robert" <rmcmarti -at- BAEA -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 10:28:26 +0930

Have been getting the same treatment here recently. New manger doesn't
believe that a Tech Writer is worth what I'm being paid (would at times
agree with him).
They don't take into account all the other work you do, usability
testing, bug detection, user advocacy, documentation management, project
management, scheduling and so on.

Still if you don't cjeck the papers and occasionally apply for jobs, you
will never know your true worth. I was recently approached by
Headhunters and offered a job 30 K more than I make now.
Problem is it was in Senior Management, more agro, longer hours, more
overseas trips, greater responsibility. Having an 18 month old
daughter, who's a handful, I turned them down.

Still its nice to know others outside think more about you than your
company does. (Ego Boost, scratch your ear Rob, can't my arms are too



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> I recently gave notice at my job to take a position offering me a 30%
> increase in salary, a week of additional vacation, and IPO stock.
> While
> leaving my employer is not going to cause the company to fold or
> anything,
> my boss and many coworkers were quite shocked when I told them about
> the
> salary and bennies forthcoming from my new job. Seems they didn't
> think a
> tech writer could deserve all that remuneration. One other tech writer
> recently quit because she felt she was treated like a glorified
> secretary.
> My fellow techwriters, hear me when I say to you that you are worth a
> lot
> out there in the marketplace right now. If your current employer ain't
> doin' you right, i.e., doesn't treat you with the respect and
> appreciation
> you deserve, doesn't pay you what you deserve, or expects you to work
> ridiculous hours, look around. You can do better. In some cases, much
> better.
> - Feelin' fine
> &^~~~
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