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Subject: job sharing
From: Rebecca Price <beccap -at- RUST -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 21:06:33 -0400

I'm doing some volunteer work at Soundings, a local center for women
who have been out of the workplace for one reason or another, and need
to re-enter the job market. Many of these women don't have basic
job-hunting skills (or the self-confidence that needs to go with them)
or a lot of money. Many of these women have job constraints, and we
felt that in some situations a job-sharing situaion is exactly what's

I've recently taken on a project to set up a job-sharing database. I
won't be working with the clients per se.. my end is trying to find
out 1) what businesses would look for in a job-share proposal, and 2)
what makes a good job-sharing situation work, and why... and what
makes job-sharing go bad. When is job-sharing better than hiring 2
part-timers? what are some business cases in favor of job-sharing as
opposed to part-time work?

I'm new at this... I don't even really know what the questions are I
should be asking... this is kinda my pre-research phase.

Does anyone know anyone who is (or is themselves) in a job-sharing
position? Do your companies support job-sharing? and if so, is that
support merely theoretical or are they actually implementing any
job-sharing situations? Does anyone know of any good books, articles,
or research on job-sharing?

TIA! We're really excited by this project, if we can get it off the
ground and build some support for it in the business community.


Becca Price
beccap -at- rust -dot- net

"Wisdom begins when you discover the difference between 'That doesn't
make sense' and "I don't understand.' "

Children of God, by Mary Doria Russell; pg 142-143

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