Re: Frame vs. Word Results

Subject: Re: Frame vs. Word Results
From: Katav <katav -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 03:48:11 -0700

Did I miss something?

Word is a word processor with some formatting abilities.

FrameMaker is a page composition application with some text editing
and graphics abilities.

I read the Word vs. Frame battle and wonder:" "Why is no one comparing
FrameMaker with (for example) Corel Draw?" Same difference
(FrameMaker has some pretty good graphics tools).

The bottom line: use the best tool for the job. Word is (IMO) an
excellent word mangler and my (text) editor of choice.

FrameMaker is my preferred compositor for multi-chap documents with
extensive xrefs, etc. Ventura is my favorite for single-file (no
xrefs), graphic-intensive docs. (Heck, I even like Interleaf for some

Again, use the right tool for the job -- get the copy set up in the
word process and import into the page compositor.
Katav ( katav -at- yahoo -dot- com )
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