Re: The 4-month itch [WAS: Coping strategies]

Subject: Re: The 4-month itch [WAS: Coping strategies]
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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 14:36:46 EDT

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<< I think you're unusual; people who up and leave after a few months are not
common. Maybe because they don't get hired, and with good reason. I
mean, it takes months to get up to speed on your tools, processes, and
the stuff you're documenting. >>
Well, sort of.

My project here was SUPPOSED to be three months (I'm in my fourth.) It
depends a lot on what you're doing - by the end of the first month I'd already
created more documentation than this place had ever had.

As a consultant who's also an actor, I'm forever looking for short projects.
And I do find them - but then they get extended (by which time I've usually
seduced the client into letting me work my own eccentric, free-form way, so
it's not quite as oppressive as it could be.)

As far as the tools go, well, that's why they hired me - I already know them.
And I've seen similar processes in a number of other shops. Experience=speed.

But, then, that's why they keep me on too.

Basically, there's lots of room out there for lots of styles.

Jim Chevallier
North Hollywood

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