Re: Managers Who Intimidate Causing Grief

Subject: Re: Managers Who Intimidate Causing Grief
From: Steve Ortiz <Steveo -at- MICROWAVENETWORKS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 10:55:10 -0500

On Mon, 7 Sep, Cecilia St. John asked: Q: How does one respond
to an intimidator without using the same tactics?

On Mon, 7 Sep, Beth Agnew responded: ....And if it continues,
I will take steps to ensure that senior management
(go all the way to the top if you have to) is aware of the

Is one manager or the company management a problem? Is it an individual
the corporate culture? Before you rush up the chain-of-command with
complaint understand that an intimidator may have learned his or her
from, or been awarded by, those from who you seek justice.

Does your company have an ethics code or policy? An organization without

an ethics policy can be a hint that you are not encouraged to rat on
your boss.
If leaving is not an option, the cost of whistle-blowing may also be too
In addition to policies, benchmark organizations in management and
development ask for feedback from employees about their managers in the
form of 360s; so called 360-degree evaluations.

Before proceeding do your research and document all incidents.
See When to Rat On the Boss, Fortune, 10/2/95;

Proposing and writing company ethics policies can also be a lucrative
Good luck.

Steve Ortiz,
Houston, Texas

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