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Subject: Re: Frame to Acrobat rotated page
From: Luigi Benetton <Luigi_Benetton -at- MARKHAM -dot- LONGVIEW -dot- CA>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 15:52:23 -0400

Thanks for the answers, folks. Nobody had any "easy" ways to prevent the
problem from happening in the first place, but I got one solution I liked
that worked.

Here's a summary of the two main groups of responses, with my preferred
method listed first:

Your best route to reliable PDFs is not to use the Save to PDF option but
to output to a PostScript file and use the Distiller component of the
Acrobat suite to create the PDF. Even then, there is a weakness with
rotated pages, and I have adopted the habit of checking PDFs in the
Exchange component of the Acrobat suite and using its Document/Rotate Pages
facility to deal with any that have come out wrong.

Even Adobe employees advise against using Save to PDF and, if you don't yet
own the full Acrobat suite then it's well worth purchasing (and the price
is now reasonable). If only Adobe had named Distiller "PDF Generator" and
Exchange "PDF Editor" -- that's what they do!

Usually, when I get this, it is because I have the make page count even
option on for the chapter in the book and the new page appears to use the
standard master page (not my landscape master page).
I don't use the make page count even option when going to Acrobat (and I
use Distiller as my printer, sending the file to a PS first).

Now you have to make sure that the book
setup supports this. With the book open, select each file and choose Set
Up. In there you have the option of reading the starting page from the file
or setting it here. I set it to next available page (if you have your
documents starting on the right hand page, a blank page HAS to be added,
even if you take the option off).

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Luigi Benetton wrote:

Hi folks,

I'm trying to print a Frame multi-file book to PDF using Acrobat
Every time, the second page in a particular two-page list of paragraphs
ends up rotated 90 degrees to the left, and I can't figure out where this
is happening. I assume it's the file itself, but I can't find anything
weird about that page. It looks OK on screen, it prints out fine to paper,
but it refuses to straighten up in PDF. This "mystery page" is blank
for headers and footers.

I understand that Frame's "Save as PDF" option doesn't work as it's
supposed to. Does anybody know if Frame has fixed this issue in version


Luigi Benetton

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