Re: Printing from PDF Files

Subject: Re: Printing from PDF Files
From: Maurice King <benadam -at- CYBERDUDE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 08:57:41 -0400

Several persons asked me to post the solution to my problem to the list. It's probably a good way to signal that a solution has been found.

For those persons who misunderstood the problem, I complained of the poor quality of printing from PDF files, not the resolution of the graphics in the PDF files. The solution to the problem can be found at:

Acrobat 3.01 (not earlier versions) has a limitation that causes printing from non-PostScript printers to yield unsatisfactory graphic images. Adobe has issued a patch for this problem that is downloadable at the above URL.

What I found a bit disturbing, however, was the large volume of responses that:

1) ignored the details that I had given in my initial query, and
2) were posted to this e-mail, despite my instructions to post them to another address.

We are in the business of writing instructions for others, but we don't take them so well, apparently. I wanted all the replies directed to the other address for a reason: I was accessing the responses for a project at work, and the responses were of value to others besides me.

For those persons who offered information about Mac and UNIX platforms, please read more closely! WinHelp is a Windows-specific term that relates only to PC! I'm aware that cross-platform porting can cause problems, but that wasn't my question! If I had received questions regarding the work environments, it would have been more reassuring than getting over-the-counter advice that didn't begin to relate to the problem!

I know that I am not the only one who uses the list as a source of information for specific problems, and I am submitting these remarks so that all of us who turn to the list for this reason can benefit. I certainly mean no disrespect or ingratitude to anybody, which is specifically why I am not singling anyone out. I thank you all for your willingness to help and am impressed with the fountain of knowledge out there. However, I also know that all of us are constantly learning more each day, and learning something that relates to the work we do -- and this does -- is of value and merits mention on the list.

- Maury

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