Don't Get Mad at me for this

Subject: Don't Get Mad at me for this
From: Robert Maxey <Bob_Maxey -at- MTN -dot- 3COM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:45:38 -0600

>I would like to create a CGM file on the PC that I can move over to the
>UNIX to plot on a Versatec plotter. I am using the plotter to get a
>poster-sized print of a document that can be done in-house as opposed to
>sending it to an outside printer ($$$$).
>I've got the plotting down okay, but creating a cgm file on a PC is what I
>am having trouble with. Can anyone recommend a program in which I can
>create a CGM file that contains .tif files and text, sort of like
>I have been told that I can only plot a CGM file by my sys. admin., so I
>limited in file types. I have tried to export a file in Corel as a CGM
>no success.
>Someone suggested Micrografix Designer, but I'm not sure if it exports as

Please List Members, do not get mad at me, I am not criticizing, but quite
often I see posts like this that ask some specific technical software
and/or hardware questions that I have no way of answering. I think many on
this list might also be at a loss to help with these types of questions. Is
this list designed to provide support for software and hardware, or
Technical Writing Information? I may be out of line, as I am a new

Suppose I asked this question: I have a Kenworks Dot Matrix Printer, and
the output saves files as a KWD file. when I try to import the file to
WordPerfect for DOS, I get part of the file cut off. How can I do this? Can
I export the file back to a format that my Kenworks Dot Matrix Printer will
recognize, without converting the file?

This question is esoteric and I do not think many of you want to read it.
There are dozens of word processing, graphics and other programs that
people use, as well as lots of hardware options. Can't the vendors help?

Again, I do not want to offend, but there has to be a better way to find
out the answers to these types of questions. Personally, I do not think
this list is one of those places. Am I wrong about this?

Warm Regards and Cheers,

Robert Maxey

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