Detecting lies in the interview. Was: Interview questions for tec hwriters

Subject: Detecting lies in the interview. Was: Interview questions for tec hwriters
From: "Porrello, Leonard" <leonard -dot- porrello -at- COMPAQ -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 06:32:26 -0700

Too kill this thread while it is still in its infancy, several times in his
book _Lies_ or _Lying_ (I don't recall), Paul Ekman (again, I am unsure of
the spelling of his name) states that to discern a lie one needs to know how
the person suspected generally behaves. In other words, there are no certain
signs of lying that one can use to tell if someone else is lying. He would
include the eye movement thing mentioned below (which, I think, predates
NLP). Ekman is probably the leading researcher in the world on the topic of
how people behave when they lie. At least, he is the most well published and
widely respected.

So, the potential employee might, for example, momentarily scowl--for not
even half a second--when you ask him how he gets on with other people
because he just had a big fight with his wife, not because he doesn't get on
well with his peers. Someone who is really mentally disturbed, on the other
hand, say like Adolph Hitler (who I'm am sure looked to become a tech writer
after being rejected by the Vienna art academy), might not reveal any
symptoms of psychical unease as he blatantly lies about his designs on
Poland or his ability the create a useful automated index in Frame.

Leonard Porrello
Compaq, Telecom Network Solutions
Pubs, Omaha

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> >These behavior-based questions do a few quick and dirty things:
> >When asked a question, always an open-ended question, there is
> >involuntary
> eye movement that is truly involuntary; that is, even >people born blind
> exhibit this involuntary eye movement.
> >When people are "remembering" a Scenario in the past they will briefly
> >look up and to the right. When people are "creating" a scenario they look
> down and to the left or right.

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