SUMMARY: doc-to-help vs RoboHelp (long)

Subject: SUMMARY: doc-to-help vs RoboHelp (long)
From: John David Hickey <jdavid -at- FARABI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 09:57:42 -0400


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Here's the summary of responses on the whole doc2help vs robohelp thingee.
Thanks to everyone who responded!

>Funny you should ask. This was posted just the other day on the WinHelp
>Bill Burns
>ILE Communications/Eccentric Technology Consultant
>billdb -at- ile -dot- com

Deborah Stone (deborah -at- chesco -dot- com) suggested this addres as well. I checked
it out and it really is helpful!
>Be sure not to leave ForeHelp out of your formula. ForeHelp is a wonderful
tool and >really the best of both worlds.
>Info -at- ff -dot- com
>As a contractor, I use both products on a regular basis. I've seen a
comparison list published by D2H which is technically >accurate. The issues
that most lists don't address deal with your expectations and experience
with WinHelp. Programmers >tend to like RoboHelp because it is easier for
them to understand. D2H appeals to writers and is a good way to start out
>writing Windows Help because it's easier to visualize.
>If you expect D2H to produce a "single source" (manual and online help)
with one document, forget it. No matter what the >hype, they're two
different animals, and you have to re-write the help doc in D2H to have a
real manual. The one big drawback >to D2H that I've found is the time it
takes to convert the document from a Word .doc to .rtf format (a step that
RoboHelp >doesn't need because it IS an .rtf document). If the document is
small, this isn't such a problem.
>Since both tools are dependent on Word, you can have probs with that in
either one. Regardless of the tool, as long as you >keep the individual
files small, you'll have fewer problems. And lots of graphics really slow
them down.
>If you use D2H, here is a little known procedure that has saved me a lot of
time. (I work with some 3-4 year old legacy files.) >Use the D2H tool to
remove all TOC marks from the Word document each time you open the file to
edit. If you don't, Word >overloads the file with these things and
eventually corrupts the file.
>RoboHelp has it's quirks too. NEVER use it from the network. If you don't
have everything -- docs and RH files -- on your >local drive, you'll have
one headache after another. I was reminded of this just today when reading
the RoboHelp digest.
>Pat Wade: patbwade -at- oklahoma -dot- net <mailto:patbwade -at- oklahoma -dot- net
>Phone: (918) 622-6767 Cell Phone: (918) 232-4101
>I just wanted to let you know my own personal feelings. I
>used D2H only once or twice, and it was on a couple of pretty big
>projects; I haven't used Robo in any real way at all (ie for real work,
>as opposed to just horsing around). But I would warn you about D2H.
>What you invariably end up with is a paper manual, in a help file. My
>experience--and the statistics support me here--is that users don't want
>to read paper manuals as online help; they want online help to be short,
>directed at the task they're trying to accomplish. It's really, really
>hard to get D2H to do this. Robo isn't perfect, as far as I can see,
>but if I had to choose today I'd throw D2H just about as far as I could,
>and take Robo without blinking.
>Matthew Bin [mattbin -at- hotmail -dot- com]
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