SUMMARY: flip book layout (long)

Subject: SUMMARY: flip book layout (long)
From: John David Hickey <jdavid -at- FARABI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 10:24:15 -0400


Here's a summary of the posts I received about my horrible headaches with
the flip book layout in Word conundrum. My client has sinced purchased
ClickBook which does a great job! Thanks to everyone who responded--once
again, you've saved my bacon.

Yes, I have had the same problem with Word. This is a feature that is
not built in to the product. You might check out a product called
ClickBook by Bookmaker/Forefront Corp. You can find out a little more
about ClickBook at this URL.$index.wcgi/prod/1046941

Clickbook turns Word files into double sided booklets that can be
saddle-stitched. It handles page numbering, moving the pages of your
source file into the correct print position in the booklet, etc. It did
have a problem handling .EPS graphics. Good luck.
Ulf, Fred [Fred -dot- Ulf -at- intermec -dot- com]

** Morgan Johnson [MORGAN -dot- JOHNSON -at- CHASE -dot- COM] suggested this too.
** Jody R. Lorig [jlorig -at- KAVOURAS -dot- COM] suggested these websites for more
information on ClickBook.$index.wcgi/prod/1046941
** Jay Anderson [janderso -at- kavouras -dot- com] suggested this website:
** Damien_Braniff -at- pac -dot- co -dot- uk thinks like the four previous people!

Been there, suffered through that. As far as I can tell, the manual
approach is the only way it works with Weird97. Don't forget to unlink
your footers if that's how you create your page numbers.

I used a landscape legal format with a footer running across the whole
width and then created mirror image "footers" on each side, in our case
the logo and page number. I found it helped to create the whole
document in sequence, create a section break for each "page", finalize
my layout and save a separate copy (insurance policy). Then the fun

Draw a diagram of the page order needed to create your book format and
number the facing pages (i.e. pages 4 & 1 pages 2 & 3 reading left to
right). This is a sanity saver. Insert the page number at the top of
each section that will be moved to a new location; you will remove this
once all of your formatting is finished (don't forget or it looks
dorkey). Then cut and paste till the cows come home. Input your page
numbers manually into the footers and, if the gods are smiling, you're

Gees, I hope someone has an easier way of doing this!

Joanne Tait [jtait -at- showbase -dot- com]
If you can import the document into PageMaker, you're home free. PM
will resolve all that for you.

Lynn Gottlieb
Sr. Technical Writer
The Boeing Company

** Joanne Tait [jtait -at- showbase -dot- com] suggested this as well.
Though I could be wrong, I don't think you could do what you want to do from
Word 97. BUT, if you have no choice...

I would create the document with mirror margins (left and right headers and
footers in different places) and print on one-sided paper. THEN, I would
head over to the nearest Kinkos and use their fancy copiers to lay the whole
thing out. Keep your page numbers but you'll have to manually map out what
pages go where. This is not an easy process, believe me, but with a good
copier, it's at least possible.

Solution number two is to buy a pagination program like PageMaker or
FrameMaker. These programs will do the job without all the headaches of
manually organizing the pages -- you'll also save a fair amount of money
just in labor costs by using these programs.

Ed Klopfenstein
Senior Technical Writer
Accu-Fab Systems, Inc.
edk -at- accu-fab -dot- com
John - I just bought ClickBooks which allows you to print a Word doc just
like that.
I also believe Woody's Office Power Pack does that too.
Clickbooks URL: <>
Woody's Office Power Pack: <>
Both work with an existing Word document. Good luck!
Kathleen Padova
kpadova -at- malvernsys -dot- com
** Jean Weber [jhweber -at- whitsunday -dot- net -dot- au] suggested this too!
Don't know if you've found a solution yet (I get the digest of TECHWRL) but
you can download WOPR 97, a shareware program that allows you to do booklet
printing without columns, doublesided printing, and lots of mess. Go to:
Sheila Marshall [sheila -at- Stk -dot- com]
What you'll need to do in PageMaker is create a document with double sided,
facing pages that are 8.5 x 5.5 (assuming you're printing on letter size
paper). Once your pages are laid out properly, save the doc and select
Utilities > Plug-ins > build booklet. Select these options:

* Layout: 2-up saddle stitch (saddle stitch means stapled)
* check "place guides in gutter"
* spread size should be 8.5 x 11 (if it isn't, your original page size is
* add blank pages if desired (for the inside of your cover page, for
* use creep only if your book will be really thick (it has to do with excess
paper edge when you fold a thick book)

Click OK.

PM will make a new book with 8.5 x 11 pages, and your pages should be laid
out to fold properly into a book! Its pretty cool.

Note: Your gutter (the middle of the page should be twice as wide as the
margin on the edge of the page. (Ex. if the left margin is .5", the middle
inch of the page should be left blank.) PM does this pretty well, but I
always double-check.

Now for the bad news -- I never found a way in PM to automatically put two
page numbers on one physical page. I've just done them by hand.

ps. you definitely don't need a duplex printer to do this. Just print all
the odd pages first, flip them & put them back in the paper tray and then
print all the even pages. Test first to make sure you've got your pages
oriented correctly -- some printers have crazy paper feeds!

Amy M. Lattof [amyl -at- ilinc -dot- com]
Do you have access to anything that does "booklet" format. If so, the
booklet format calculates what page goes where, automatically. What you
see on the screen are sequential pages. What prints are those pages
arranged to be in a booklet, as you described. Microsoft Publisher is one
that has that option.
Marilynne Smith [marilyns -at- qualcomm -dot- com]
Be seeing you,

John David Hickey
jdavid -at- farabi -dot- com

Lone Writer at Farabi Technology Corp.
Montreal, Quebec

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