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Subject: Re: TW Training Seminars
From: George Mena <George -dot- Mena -at- ESSTECH -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:41:53 -0700

I've heard of Solutions. Can't really make any recommendation on them
positive or negative, sorry.

I recommend starting the new job first. Get a feel for how real life as
a tech writer there is REALLY going to be like and then think about what
sort of training is REALLY needed. Never make a quick decision when a
smart decision can be made. :D

Trying to figure out what one needs to know before starting a first-ever
tech writing job is nice, but not necessarily practical. Remember, the
employer still has to feel justified that it made the right hiring
decision in the first place. This is accomplished by the successful
production of high-quality work on the tech writer's part, work that
makes the company look good in the marketplace.

The type of documentation a tech writer creates, be he a newbie or a
veteran, can make a VERY lasting first impression on whoever picks it up
and reads it. If it's a potential new customer, the document in the
customer's hands could well make or break the company.

A technically and fundamentally solid document describing a new product
can help to bring in a lot of new orders for the new product.
Similarly, typos galore speak poorly on the document creation process.

If the documentation sucks, how good is the product? Maybe the same
kind of mentality also exists on the production line: that shoddy
workmanship is also present in building the product. Maybe the
company's leadership is seriously flawed for letting this situation go
unchecked. Maybe this is a company other companies shouldn't order
parts from because the people running this company are screaming idiots.

It does matter, folks.

My best wishes go to Phil Koslowski as she embarks on her new career as
a technical writer. :D

George Mena

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> Hello,
> I am starting my first, entry-level TW position on 10/1. (I had
> previously posted a "What Do TW's Do? question). I will be
> documenting
> their software processes into user manuals, beginning with the help
> desk.
> Anyway, I'd like to go in with a plan for myself, including being able
> to recommend good beginner's training seminar to my supervisor. My
> company has already heartily agreed to send me for training ASAP.
> I have found a seminar run by a company called "Solutions" out of
> Reading, MA. Has anyone heard of them? Any feedback? If not, can
> you
> recommend a good starting point for me, preferably on the East Coast?
> Also, any good "how to" books would be appreciated.
> Thanks so much.
> Phil Koslowski
> pkoslowski -at- snet -dot- net
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