HELP: Scuba-diving terms

Subject: HELP: Scuba-diving terms
From: Robert Nusbaum <Nuskafka -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:10:21 EDT

Hello all you scuba-diving experts and afficionados, I'm drowning in scuba-
diving and related terminology.


Over 60 different scuba-diving opportunities (areas? spots?) await the amateur
scuba-diver, among them AUßENRIFFPASSAGEN, wracks, drop-offs und

What are those capitalized words in English? The first one is literally "outer
reef passage" and the second "current canal".

Wracks, I gather, are boats that have been sunken (sunk?) either in a
shipwreck, or deliberately, so that coral will grow on them. A sort of
artificial coral reef.

BUT: Does one just call it a wrack, or do you sometimes need to say (as the
source text sometimes does) that it's ARTIFICIALLY sunken or DELIBERATELY
And if you have to say that, which one of those do you say?

Is PARASAILING a word/sport in English?

The only uninhabited island in the Maldives, Bodu Huraa was linked by a STEG--
PONTOON?? CAUSEWAY? WALKWAY?--to the tourist island of Veligandhoo in 1988,

The islands are very very small and pretty close together. Is one of those the
right word?

What do you call the place you set off (in a boat, I presume) to scuba-dive
from? In German it's BASIS. In English: STATION? BASE?

And what do you call the place where you actually jump into the water after
you leave the station or whatever it's called and arrive at your scuba-diving
DIVING POINTS? I'm sure that isn't it.

And these places (geographically speaking, not where you jump in) where you
scuba-dive, are they called SCUBA-DIVING AREAS? Or are they SCUBA-DIVING
That sounds right to me.

And are straw roofs in the Maldives plain old straw roofs or are they thatch
or something else?

And if a bungalow is described (in German) as being "covered with palm leaves"
does that mean the outer walls or the roof?
If it's the roof, would you say "palm-leaf covered roof"? And if it's the
walls, what would you say? Or...?

Does anyone know of a source for tourist-type terms like this (German-

I appreciate any life-lines or life-preservers you can throw my way.

Robert Nusbaum
German, French, Hungarian, and Russian to English translations
Translation editing and proofreading

E-mail: NusKafka -at- aol -dot- com

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