SUMMARY UPDATE: kHz is correct

Subject: SUMMARY UPDATE: kHz is correct
From: Dave Neufeld <Dave_Neufeld -at- SPECTRUMSIGNAL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 11:40:39 -0700

Okay people, let's nail the lid on this one. Thank you, but no more
responses. Please.

The current (final?) tally for the correct abbreviation of kilohertz is:
kHz 28
KHz 4
other comments 5

The marketing department which asked my opinion was "educated" and sent a
copy of the summary I posted, which they cheerfully accepted for their
burgeoning style guide. (They are such swell folks! I do like this company!)
The information gathered in the summary is quite useful for reference beyond
just the "kHz" discussion. I hope it can provide weight to the arguments for
those presented with the use of KHz as a pseudo-standard by their clients or

IMO this tally shouldn't be taken as a way to create language by democracy.
kHz is definitely correct, and KHz is not. But it does show that some of us
still would use KHz.

Why are some still using KHz? Well, many radio dials and silkscreened
equipment panels in the past (and present) may have had KHz, Khz, or even
KHZ printed on them. Therefore, nothing looks out of place to the
"untrained" eye when seeing KHz. It could also be that bane of our
existence: legacy documents. "Don't change it because its always been done
that way since we built modems in WW2". In those stubborn cases remember
this: In spite of what is right, as with all clients and employers, the
documents you write are theirs, not yours. You can always write the correct
way for your next job... You hold the truth in your heart; and they can't
take that away from you ;-)


How many angels can dance on a pinhead?

No, don't answer that one here; keep Eric and the rest of us happy and pick
the appropriate list-serv...

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