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Subject: Re: ANON: Writing a Tutorial
From: Doug Nickerson <Doug_Nickerson -at- ONSETCOMP -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 15:44:57 -0500

camw -at- HOME -dot- COM,Internet writes:
>I am writing a tutorial for a software product. I have written other
>manuals and online documentation for the product, but this is the
>first time I'm writing a tutorial.
>My problem is that no one has given me any direction as to what the
>tutorial should do. My initial impulse is to just to make up my own
>sample project and walk users through creating that project using the
>software. Of course, I won't be able to walk users through all the
>features, so I'll probably just do those that are most commonly used.


Your question has got to be a perennial one in any writing project, where
do I begin? My librarian once said something wise to me: "with non-fiction
at least you can write down three things you really must say, and then try
to say them."

Other people have given such good advice on your problem. I think your
impulse is right--you must follow SOME path through the material; once you
get started you'll begin to think of all the things you could put in, or
things that you've forgotten. Of course once you do a successful
tutorial, you may no longer be anonymous.

Bourne, MA.
doug_nickerson -at- onsetcomp -dot- com

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