Re: Can strong process create writers?

Subject: Re: Can strong process create writers?
From: Simon North <north -at- SYNOPSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:21:33 +0001

In response to the question "Can strong process create writers?"
Jim Grey wrote:

> I think that a strong documentation process can very much *help*
> make a technical writer out of a motivated person who shows
> potential. It provides a framework for their activity, freeing them
> to learn more about effective technical communication. Without that
> process, at least some of their learning time is spent wrangling
> with issues that wouldn't exist if a good process were in place.

To which I want to add, yes ... but the process can also stifle all
development if it is too strong (we learn by our mistakes?).

I have seen systems where the process was so strong that it
became an end in itself. Just as in quality systems where the
system takes over control, success is determined by how well you
follow the process, and the writer can lose sight completely
of the original 'product'.

Simon North

Simon North
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