Re: framemaker to html format?

Subject: Re: framemaker to html format?
From: Greg Anderson <Greg -dot- Anderson -at- CENTRAL -dot- SUN -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 22:03:06 -0700

Hello Dianne;

For a 'newbie' you are asking all the right questions.

See my comments below for responses. This is based on experience using
Framemaker,v5.X up to v5.5.6(beta FCS). There may be new features in the
latest release which address your needs that I am not aware of.

Consider visiting the Adobe Site for more information on HTML features at:

> A couple of newbie questions about a book I'm working on. The book will be
> prepared in FrameMaker but I would like to know the easiest way to convert
> FrameMaker to html, if possible???
> 1. Is FrameMaker able to be saved in html?
> It looks like it is but why, when I save to html a file of 24 pages in
> framemaker, does it come up looking like 10 different files in image
> composer, and just the graphics, not the text? Another file saves okay.
> How do I know which file will save well? Will all files with any graphics
> in them be broken down into different files?

Depending on the version of Framemaker you are using, HTML
is not Adobe's strong suit. This goes for both DOS and Unix. I have no
experience on the Mac.

Consider Web Works Publisher from Quadralay as a tool that works well
with Framemaker files.

Here is their Web page location:

> 2. If I prepare the files in framemaker and then save them to html, and
> then give them to the webmaster, would that be considered 'web ready' or
> would it need more work before being 'web ready'?

Based on past projects, the files may require 'cleanup'. Depends on
content. Your milage may vary. (Text only = Ok. Mixed Text and Graphics
or Tables may require some hand editing of justification and layout).

> 3. Can FrameMaker accept eps (Encapsulated postscript) formatted graphics
> or is there a better graphic format to use in FrameMaker?

Yes. EPS is fine Importing into Framemaker. As with all other Desktop
Publishing Packages, an EPSI (Encapsulated PostScript) file with either
a Color or Monochrome Preview Image will yield your best input.

Alternative graphic file formats such as CGM or TIFF are also handled
well. These file types have an added advantage in that they produce
an 'editable' image after Import unlike a flat format such a GIF
or JPEG.

If you are working on a DOS based platform, WMF files are easily produced
from most MSOffice applications and are supported.

> I know, I'm a newbie and these are probably dumb questions, but I
> appreciate your time and answers.

The only dumb questions are the ones I forget to ask or think that
_if_ asked will make others consider me imperfect...
There is no such thing. I was born that way and am too old to change
now. :)

Good Luck,


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