Re: HTML help questions

Subject: Re: HTML help questions
From: "Brian, Flaherty" <bflaher -at- INDCON -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:51:27 -0500

For Beth and others you might consider diving into HTML Help:

First, HTML Help is PROPRIETARY MICROSOFT format. It works best with
Internet Explorer version 4.x or later (you need to provide "support"
for IE 3.x in the form of self-extracting and installing EXE files in
order for HTML Help to work with IE 3.x).
You can get it to run with Navigator, but you MAY NEED TO DO SOME
TWEAKING if you intend to use HTML Help in the Navigator environment.
(NetHelp is Netscape's answer to Microsoft's HTML Help -- NetHelp is
"native" to the NN environment and is preferred for the "pro-Netscape"

There are Java/JavaScript and ActiveX controls that can make your HTML
Help "generic" and able to run in both non-IE and non-Windows
environments, but USER BEWARE -- adhere to the ole maxim: test! test!
test! ... (you get the idea!).

RoboHelp and ForeFront both support HTML Help and offer "generic"
solutions (such as RoboHelp's WebHelp, touted as a "non-vendor" (that
is, non-Netscape and non-Microsoft) solution.

FYI: Output for HTML Help is a file with the extension CHM (for
"compressed HTML file -- Microsoft's compression, that is). HTML Help
is BIASED more for IE and the Microsoft world whereas NetHelp is BIASED
for the Netscape and non-Microsoft world.

Which to choose? If your client(s) prefer IE, then implementing HTML
Help should be no problem. If they are strictly Netscape or a mixture
of both IE and NN, then you may have some tweaking to do to get HTML
Help to work in both environments.


Brian Flaherty
ICS, Paramus, NJ (USA)

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