Re: Too many jobs on a resume

Subject: Re: Too many jobs on a resume
From: David Orr <dorr -at- ORRNET -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:31:57 -0600

Laura Bell wrote:

>I don't understand this view. I am not a tech writer, but journalist.
>But see tech writers work as projects just like mine are; even though
>person may be hired as an employee. Writers' jobs end there when the
>project does and how can they be judged for job presence like another
>employee. This seems very unfair.

Every interviewer uses some rules of thumb to sift through resumes. Most
staff tech writing jobs are supposed to be permanent with benefits. When
we're reviewing resumes (We may get 100 for one position.), it's
impossible to interview everyone. If someone's job history looks
erratic, we may not be interested because, as an employer, we spend
considerable money training people; so we don't want someone who is
likely to stay a year, then jump somewhere else because they're bored or
want bigger bucks. We don't fire people when a project is over. We find
another project for them and pay them in the meantime, while they work
on non-billable, in-house projects.

If Laura has been fired from jobs because projects are over, she should
be careful to inquire at her next job interview if employment will
continue after the current big project is over. Also, some explanation
of the circumstances of previous job terminations should go on her

David Orr
Orr & Associates

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