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Subject: In Response
From: Tizer Fizz <f -dot- tizer -at- EXCITE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 10:29:03 PST

Howdy Folks--

When I posted my reply to anon, I never expected to receive some of the
replies that I did. So, now I'd like to respond to the people kind enough to
send me their advice/opinions.

Ken Cherry Wrote: Working at that pay level (26k then up to 29k) in San
Francisco of all places does us all a disservice. Good luck next year when
you move out of that job. And, when you interview, don't tell them your
salary history, or lie. You ought to be making mid-40s minimum.

David Castro Wrote: <gasp> If you're only making $29K, and you're *running*
a tech pubs
department for a company, you're right that you need to move on! Heck,
straight out of college, I made $29K, and that was four years ago. And
I sure didn't know enough to run a whole department. I'm making $54K
now, and I still don't know if I know enough to manage other writers
(though, I'm sure I could handle being in a one-writer company).

OK, I agree that the pay is diabolical. My intention was not to undercut the
Tech Writers out there by taking such a low salary, but as I said I had just
finished an Internship and received an AA I went to some of the local
agencies they were less than impressed with my qualifications. Seems that my
lack of experience and education didn't make them see dollar signs. Not
having a BA apparently put me in another category, or so I was told. Most
jobs on the STC list want BA and 3-5 years experience. Of course I still
sent my resume to these places and got rejection letters. That just made me
more determined.

So when I found this job I was happy. At least the people here were willing
to give me a chance. I'm not happy with the pay and I wish I could live on
this money. God knows I'd love to stay. Unlike Anon, I do get great
satisfaction from my job. If loyalty amounts to anything, I've struggled for
over a year now trying to do the best job possible and gain some valuable
experience. But I need to continue my education, (because of pay I've put it
on hold) and support my family.

I'm hoping that my experience will show through rather than the lack of
education when I start searching for a new job.

Laura Bell Wrote: This is a sad state for the ba as they usually have much
higher salaries.
Wish you the best for a better next year.

Charlene Hirschi Wrote: Tizer: You said it better than I could.

Thanks for your kind comments.

One other comment I'd like to add. Tizer was my childhood nickname. I too
fear retribution from posting my real name. Steve if your still interested
send me an off-line email.


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