Re: ANON: job dissatisfaction

Subject: Re: ANON: job dissatisfaction
From: WandaJane Phillips <wjp -at- WRITELIVELIHOOD -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 10:06:05 -0500

> restless, you're impatient, and life in corporate America isn't
> matching your expectations. You aren't sure exactly what you want to
> do, but you know this job isn't it, and you're worried that you won't
> find what you really want reasonably soon. Anon, your problem is a
> common one, and while it isn't fixable, it does have a cure. You see,
> your problem is that you're 24 or 25 years old. Which is to say,
> there's NOTHING wrong with you.

I'd stayed out of this, but I have to leap in and stand behind Steve
chiming in (just like it says don't do in the list instructions) and add a
couple of points:

Anon, if you aren't getting what you want where you are, look further.
Looking further doesn't necessarily mean increasing your involvement at
your current employer, nor does it necessarily mean leave for another job
or life (tenuous as it is) as a contractor.

When my first job, which was a dream job, didn't satisfy my every desire: I
volunteered. I joined a literacy tutoring program. When I encountered
another satisfaction gap, I volunteered to do work that I wanted to do, but
didn't know how. I volunteered with the STC laying out the local
newsletter. This experience has resulted in untold wealth over the years.

I'm a deep complex person, ambitious and driven. No company can give me
what I want, satisfy all my needs and give me enough money to support
myself and my partner.

Currently, I am heavily involved in my little dog world and am competing,
with my dog, in obedience trials and we're looking at hunt trials and
agility. I'm constantly learning new skills. I maintain the web page for a
local jazz group and I am looking at getting back into literacy tutoring.

Life's like that. If you're hungry, feed yourself.

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