FrameMaker --> Web Publisher --> Javahelp

Subject: FrameMaker --> Web Publisher --> Javahelp
From: Paul Carr <solas -at- JPS -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 06:09:10 -0800

>From: "goldd -at- netspace -dot- net -dot- au" <goldd -at- NETSPACE -dot- NET -dot- AU>
>Subject: FrameMaker --> Web Publisher --> Javahelp
>I have to implement some online help lickety-split. The software commitment
>I'm locked into is to use FrameMaker 5.5.6+SGML and convert it via Web
>Publisher to Javahelp. Has anyone implemented these successfully?
>The archives have a number of postings on various combinations of the above
>software; and the consensus, seems to be that they're a good solution.
>However, Javahelp is still in beta so I'd be happy to hear from anyone whose
>implemented this solution successfully. In particular, what is the best way
>of preparing FrameMaker for porting to Javahelp? Also, what are the
>important 'Watch-outs', 'Gotchas' and 'Workarounds' you've encountered?
>BTW the online help is to be embedded in IBM's Visual Age.

I am using publisher with frame. I recently downloaded javahelp 1.0 and
installed it, and then attempted to use the publisher javahelp template
to make a test file. I think I was able to make the help file, but I
couldn't get the viewer to work. You have to go through a DOS prompt to
get the viewer to function, but it just didn't work, and I was merely
experimenting, so I did not pursue it.

Publisher notes that javahelp is still quite buggy. I have the feeling
that it may simply not be at a stage where one can use it reliably.

Other experiences?

Paul Carr
solas -at- jps -dot- net

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