Re: Screen capture (unique?)

Subject: Re: Screen capture (unique?)
From: "Collins, Darren DA" <Collins -dot- Darren -dot- DA -at- BHP -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 08:39:33 +1100


A setup along the lines you are thinking of would probably just take the
monitor input lead from one computer and connect it into a specialised video
capture card on a second computer for grabbing a screen shot. There's no
real reason to try and split the cable - I'm sure the capture card's
software would let you see the first computer's output on the second
computer's screen, either in a window or full-screen. I don't know of any
such card, but they probably exist (for a price).

Another idea, thinking beyond the computer for a minute, is to use a normal
camera (or nowadays, maybe even a digital camera) to take a photo of the
first computer's screen. I've done this before with a CRO. It can be
tricky to get the photos to come out clear, but you could rig up a shroud to
get rid of glare, and take some practice shots from various distances and
with various shutter speeds to figure out what works. If you already have a
camera, this might be a cheaper solution. You can then just scan in the
pictures for inserting into your document.

Hope you get some value from these ideas.

Darren Collins
Computer Engineer, Blast Furnaces
BHP Port Kembla, Australia

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> Subject: Screen capture (unique?)
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> list.
> I need (if I can) to capture the screens from one monitor to
> a completely
> different monitor/computer.
> The process I'm capturing is the set up for a brand new,
> completely empty
> server. The setup software displays screens to pick options or enter
> specific data to create the operating system for the server.
> Because the server doesn't have an operating system yet, I
> cannot install
> (guessing here) any screen capturing software on it to save
> the screens as
> the server is set up.
> I wondered if anyone has any experience in capturing screens from one
> computer monitor to another computer? If so, what software, capturing
> method did you use?
> In my head, I see a split cable connecting both monitors so
> the screens can
> be captured on the one monitor from the other.
> Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any ideas from anyone.
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