Re: Printing Documents from Intranet

Subject: Re: Printing Documents from Intranet
From: Lisa Hodge <lhodge -at- PRIORITYCALL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 17:32:30 -0500

>We are going to be converting Word documents to HTML for an Intranet site.
>Is there a "best practice" in setting up the documents for printing from
>Intranet site? For example, is there a tag for page breaks? I looked, but
>didn't find one. Or do you have to be content with how it prints, i.e.,
>breaks? Or set it up in HTML (for viewing) and PDF (for printing)? Respond
>to me offline if this isn't appropriate for an online thread. Thanks
>vnurre -at- aegonusa -dot- com

We used to convert our documents to both HTML and PDF for our
intranet...HTML gave us the ability to use a search engine with our large
document collection, and PDF looked pretty when you printed it (and could be
downloaded for e-mailing to customers, etc.).

However, we have since switched to a product called J-Docs from Net-It...I
now convert all my released documents to PDF (which I had to do before for
online reviews, anyway) and place them into a specified directory. The
software polls the directory every x minutes and pulls new and updated
material from it. It is automatically converted to J-Doc format, which can
be read be all with the free reader...AND the entire document collection can
be searched with a search engine. Our corporate intranet is structured by
department, so based on the directory tree I create and manage in my
specified directory, I can control how the output is organized on our
intranet site.

Our MIS group just implemented the product a few months ago, but we love it!
There are a few glitches we're working out, but it has served us well thus

Lisa M. Hodge
Manager, Technical Publications
Priority Call Management
lhodge -at- prioritycall -dot- com

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