SATIRE: Degrees

Subject: SATIRE: Degrees
From: Andrew Plato <intrepid_es -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 15:07:36 -0800

I feel that everyone should have degrees like mine:

AA - Refrigeration and HVAC "The DeYank Institute"
BS - Binge drinking and unprotected sex, Chico State
MA - Advanced Pettiness, Arman Oomang's Technical Communicators
Institute of Battle Axe, MI.

My doctoral thesis is on "Communication and the Pro-active Synergies
of Leveraged Dynamic Paradigms - a Comparative Study of Interstitial
Inseparatism in Internet Retroreguratorialism." In this I careful
demonstrate how the Internet has changed the universe and allows
people to more effectively express their childish needs and desires.

I have also attended the following meaningful seminars:

Jack Tortallini's "Brain Blow '96 - How to Make Others Quiver in Fear
at your Immense Superiority."

Mike Nucklerammer's Communicative Seminar of Technical Communication
"Why does the font shrink."

The Ramrod Institute "Technology Seminar Series - How to Use a

Society of Internet Thinkers "The Exciting World of Perl."

The Secaucus Seminar Series "The Mysteries of the Briny Deep and Other
Ways to Spice-Up your On-Line Help Systems."

Franz Xavier's "Nasty things your boss is doing to you right now!"

Andrew Plato's Deep and Meaningful Seminar Series "Watch me Break
Something Valuable."

Personally, I believe a good background in refrigeration is the key to
a writer's ability to document complex things. I know many of you
aspiring writers need the guidance of a brilliant mind like mine.

:-) Smile, Scully and Mulder are at the door.

- Andrew Plato

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