Reposting:Job Opening - Senior Position - Concord MA - starting January 1999

Subject: Reposting:Job Opening - Senior Position - Concord MA - starting January 1999
From: "D. Margulis" <ampersandvirgule -at- WORLDNET -dot- ATT -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 19:21:49 -0500

Update: I posted this 20 November. The position is still open and I'd
rather hire someone from this list than go out to the headhunters. If
you are not happy where you are and feel your skills are underutilized,
please contact me about this.

We are also seeking a GUI designer and a software quality assurance
engineer, as described on our website.


Our startup is growing rapidly and I am being promoted out of my current

position as the one-and-only writer, effective 1 February 1999. In
preparation for that, I am accepting resumes now from senior technical

The person we hire will take over my technical writing duties and, to
effect a smooth transition (getting up to speed on our products,
becoming part of our development team), the new writer should begin in
early to mid January. Note: you will definitely be part of the
development team, reporting directly with the VP of development and
working closely with software architects, designers, developers, and our

QA team. For those of you who have formed an opinion about whether you
would ever consider working with or for me, rest assured you will not be

reporting to me but I will be available to support your position if
called upon.

This is a great place to work. I am having a ball here and plan to stay
for the long term. The company leadership consists of the best group of
managers I've ever known (and on occasion I've worked for some good

Here are the highlights:

We look for attitude first, intelligence and experience second, tool
knowledge a distant third (reflecting my own attitude that if you
understand the content you want to present and the format you want to
present it in, you can make any tool do the job of presenting it).

We need someone who is well balanced along the left brain/right brain
axis: If you are a just-the-words-nothing-but-the-words person, we
aren't ready for you yet. If you are a graphic arts whiz who cannot
decide between "display" and "appear," we aren't ready for you yet. If
you are a closet novelist who doesn't know or care much about software,
we may never be ready for you.

But if you are a highly skilled pro with all-around skills, this is an
opportunity you should look into. We are especially interested if you:

Have experience designing a complete documentation suite
(including both internal software documentation and user
documentation) for a large-scale business application

Understand internationalization, localization, customization

Are comfortable with HTML and have at least some familiarity
with SGML and XML concepts

Have experience with audience analysis, user interface design,
and usability testing

Have demonstrated the ability to prioritize your tasks and meet
deadlines (no whining, no excuses)

NOTE that the above requirements (wish list) says nothing about a
degree. I don't have no stinkin' degree and I don't care if you have
one. Cowboys (and cowgirls) are welcome to apply.

It also says nothing about what tools you need to be proficient in.

We offer great pay and benefits, a fantastically supportive company
culture (lots of perks, lots of ego stroking, lots of fun).

We have revolutionary products that are opening up an entirely new
category of enterprise-level application software.

We are growing fast, so there are plenty of opportunities for
advancement out of the trenches.

Send me your resume. Please. Word, PageMaker, RTF, HTML, PDF, ASCII,
anything but MIF or Interleaf 6. (So far, all of our user doc consists
of HTML [WebHelp]; so we don't have FrameMaker or Interleaf installed.
The issue is open for discussion though.)

Dick Margulis

Integrated Development Enterprise, Inc.
9 Riverside Road
Weston MA 02493-2281

Ph: 781-894-8840 x 255
Fx: 781-894-8870

mailto:webmaster -at- identerprise -dot- com

And visit to see what we're about--and to
check out the other job descriptions.

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