Re: What software to learn?

Subject: Re: What software to learn?
From: Michelle Vina-Baltsas <Michelle_Vina-Baltsas -at- US -dot- CRAWCO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 08:37:41 -0500

I vote for PhotoShop and Quark. I recommend checking out Adobes' line of
training books called "Classroom in a Book..." series. I used them to
supplement class room training in FrameMaker and Photoshop and found them
to be excellent resource tools. From what I've been told, and have read,
Photoshop and Quark are the industry standards. I would say that since
she's focusing on graphic design, MS Word should probably be an
afterthought. She could probably learn this with a good training guide.

Good luck!

Rebecca Price <beccap -at- RUST -dot- NET> on 12/13/98 05:46:21 PM

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Subject: What software to learn?

A friend of mine has been doing graphic design for many years... but
not using computers. She's realized that she needs to learn the tools
to upgrade her skills so she can find better (and better paying) jobs.
Consequently, she's looking into going to our local jr. college (which
has a very good reputation locally for job-retraining and adult
continuing education, btw) and taking some courses. She can probably
afford only one semester as a full-time student, and wants to target
classes that will make her most employable fastest.

She knows she wants to take a class on designing and publishing on the

Her prob is, there are 5 other classes she really wants to take... and
can only take 4 of them. (the intro/advanced classes are 1/2 a
semester of the introductory class, and 1/2 a semester of the advanced
Her choices are:

* intro and advanced MS Word
* intro and advanced PageMaker
* intro and advanced Quark
* intro and advanced Illustrator
* intro and advanced PhotoShop

I've been recommending that Quark be the one she drops; she's
reluctant, and
thinks maybe she should drop PageMaker.

My question is, if you saw a job application with 4 of the 5 of these
tools listed, which 4 would you find most enticing?

We need to know soonest; they're already registering for Winter term.

Becca Price
beccap -at- rust -dot- net

"Wisdom begins when you discover the difference between 'That doesn't
make sense' and "I don't understand.' "

Children of God, by Mary Doria Russell; pg 142-143

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