RoboHELP Browse sequence with multiple window types?

Subject: RoboHELP Browse sequence with multiple window types?
From: David Downing <DowningLst -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 09:40:11 EST

I'm trying to do something that isn't working and I'm sure it's because I
haven't got the big picture. What I want to do is create a browse sequence,
that users can go through using the browse buttons, in which one topic appears
in a different window type than all the others. Specifically, I created an
"Alert" secondary window type (which may end up being vetoed because the color
scheme might make people sick, but anyway ... ) and I want the browse sequence
to display as follows:

Topic 1: Main --> Topic 2: Alert --> Topic 3: Main --> [All subsequent topics
in main]

With this in mind, I created the Alert type with browser buttons and
assigned it to Topic 2 both through the TOC and through the Topics list. I
created the browse sequence using the "DOC order" feature.

What's happening is that if I start the sequence from Topic 1, all topics
including 2 are being displayed in the main window. If I start by double
clicking on the page for topic 2 in the TOC, it's displayed in the Alert
window -- but so is every other topic in the sequence. Also, If I do this
without closing the sequence I started from the main window, the sequence in
the Alert window appears in addition to the other one.

I suspect that at least part of the problem is that if you create a
window type with browse buttons, then gi into a browse sequence from that
window, that makes the whole sequence appear in that window type. This makes
me wonder if I *can* create a browse sequence with multiple window types, or
whether I have to do it as a "pseudo-" sequence by manually linking the window
in at the correct point.

Can anyone advise?



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