Re: Soliciting Book Reviews (amended)

Subject: Re: Soliciting Book Reviews (amended)
From: David Orr <dorr -at- ORRNET -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 19:42:23 -0600

Diane Haugan wrote:

>You know, David, there are now about 150,000 other
>out here reviewing books and making money with orders from our pages.
>of them, like myself, are reviewing technical communication books.

Diane, I appreciate the information about how many associates there are
and the hints you gave about some of the protocol of reviewing
relationships. I plead guilty of being a newbie in this matter.

>Your attitude about who owns what and where the money goes does not
>for any sort of likely cooperative arrangement, at least from my

>I do have reviews up at another review site -- but the owner has the
>sense to realize that he needs to allow the clickthrough to amazon be
on my
>account, not his.

If someone else is an associate and has an active booksite
(I'm learning it can be a lot of work), I think your suggestion is
reasonable. If others want to submit reviews to our site, we are doing
no more than what is doing, except we are adding value with
the bibliography we will put up, and with our own reviews.

>Excuse me if I seem miffed. I am. Somehow your gee-whiz enthusiasm
>doesn't mask what I perceive as a really snide attitude on your part
>the naivete of reviewers.

Diane, it's your right to feel whatever you feel. I am congenitally
"gee-whiz" and enthusiastic. (Look at my art gallery, if you don't
believe me. However, I've never been
accused of being snide by anybody who knows me; I am not snide; and I
certainly don't assume you are naive. Perhaps, I am naive, but I have
gotten reviews submitted to the site. It doesn't hurt to ask.

I want to make the site useful to technical communicators, fund some
401K contributions, and draw people to our home page. These are all the
motivations I am aware of. I think they are honorable.

David Orr
Orr & Associates

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