Re: Style Guides, Take II

Subject: Re: Style Guides, Take II
From: "Robyn M. Nace" <robyn -at- HOTMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 18:25:49 -0500

Ah! But the problem is, MS uses Windows 95 terminology to talk about
everything. They redefined "industry" style with the release of 95. So,
a lot of the terms that MS uses don't make sense for other operating
systems. I've written two Style Guides, and I've used portions of the MS
Manual of Style as a basis, but none of their terminology or actions.

So why do people use it? It's easier than writing one's own!

Sharon Burton-Hardin wrote:
> Microsoft owns the world. Nearly every PC ships
> with MS products installed. Even many Macs. Therefore, if your user has read
> a manual or a help, they have read the MS standard for how to talk about the
> things they see and how to interact with them.
> IMHO, using the MS style guide is another way for me to help my users to use
> the product. If I thought that drawing pretty pictures in crayons would make
> a difference for my users, I would do that. Using the MS standard to talk
> about that stuff isn't sufficient to make a good manual. It may not even be
> necessary. But it does move in the right direction.

"Don't take it personally if you feel left out of the loop.
There is no loop to be left out of."
- me

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