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Subject: Re: RoboHelp 7
From: Beth Kane <Beth -dot- Kane -at- VENTANA -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 09:55:18 -0700

Is anybody currently using RoboHelp 7.0? ...Have you had any

I decided to post my answer to the list in case it might help someone. I
started using RH7 last week, and I've had only one problem so far.

I've used RH6 with Word 95. But on my new job, I have Word 97 and RH7,
and it introduced an issue that had me on the phone to Blue Sky tech
support a couple times last week: Every time I created a new topic, RH
placed the codes for the topic where they should be (below the new page
break), but the topic text itself would be appended to the text of the
first topic in the doc! Very strange.

First they told me to check my template situation (I'll explain that in
a minute) but that didn't work. Then they found the problem: I had
Document Map enabled in Word 97. As soon as I disabled it, everything
worked fine.

SO FAR it seems to me that rather than being buggy, RH7 has fixed some
of the bugs that were in RH6. I hated the way RH6 handled index entries.
That has changed so much in RH7 that there's a learning curve, though.

The template situation is this:
From the Tools menu, select Templates and Add-ins. The only things
showing in the "Global templates and add-ins" box should be RoboHook.wll
and RoboWord.wll. Theoretically, you could have other templates showing
there but have their check boxes cleared. But the Blue Sky guy and I
both found that they keep getting re-enabled; you can't disable them (I
guess THAT is a bug). So you have to move those templates to a location
where RH won't see & grab them. I had two extra templates showing there.
The Blue Sky guy said unnecessary templates can cause a variety of

The Document Map situation:
From Word 97's View menu, there's a Document Map option (toggle on/off).
When it's enabled, you see a left frame in your Word doc. RH apparently
hates this. My problem was solved as soon as I turned it off.

I understand that one good reason to upgrade to RH7 is the RoboHTML
piece; it's reportedly much-improved over v6. I would surely welcome any
information about oddities or benefits of RH7 that anyone could offer.

Beth Kane, Tucson
kane -at- ventana -dot- com

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