Re: FrameMaker VS PageMaker VS Quark - Opinions?

Subject: Re: FrameMaker VS PageMaker VS Quark - Opinions?
From: "Gutierrez, Diane" <Diane -dot- Gutierrez -at- WESTGROUP -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 13:12:52 -0600

>>1. What can PM do that FM can't? ...What can FM
do that PM can't?<<

PM allows much more intuitiveness...ease of composition,
ease of typographic adjustments, more creativity.
FM can format and control the overall appearance of multiple
and larger files than PM.

>>2. What can Quark do that Frame can't? ... that
PM can't?<<

Same answer as #1.

>>3. What can PM do that Quark can't? ...What can
PM do that Quark can't?<<

The color control capabilities are better in Quark.
However, PM has built-in .PDF capabilities and
interfaces much better with other Adobe products such
as those that produce your graphics and photos.

>>4. For general purpose tech writing and page
layout and design:
Which tool is better on the PC? Which tool is
better on the Mac?>>

The two platforms behave similarly with these products.
No difference in performance. However, you might want
to use Macs if your output department uses Macs. Other-
wise, use the PC if you want easier troubleshooting when
things go wrong with the hardware. Mac's leading edge when
it comes to composing and graphics is nearly gone now, and
Apple is engineering a dual-platform machine in the near

>>5. Which of the 3 has better import/export
capability for graphics/text formats?<<

All of them have excellent import/export abilities. Being
prejudiced in favor of Adobe products, I would prefer them due
to their file exchange being less problematic.

>>6. Is there anything that makes one or another a
"must have" for a technical writer?<<

Microsoft Word, because it is a basic input program. Beyond
that, it would depend on the needs of the job and the people
who receive your work. Usually big docs (over 1000 pages, say)
or that which regularly changes formatting (last year it used Times 10/14,
now the new look is Optima 12/14 with Madrone headings) would do best in
FrameMaker. Most others would be more fun in PM and Quark.

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