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Subject: Re: Information Mapping
From: "Marsha G. Kamish" <mgkamish -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 14:03:39 -0500

Sending out resumes in this way is not user-friendly at all. It presumes
the possession of a certain Word template, you didn't check before at
your recipients.

This is the same arrogant style in building web-pages for "IE-only",
excluding all others in the world.

Are these people really consumer-oriented? No, they are just close-eyed
professionals without being true tech-writers...

My thesis.

Happy Christmas,
Kees de Bondt
Excuuuussse meee, but I don't consider myself close-eyed in the least. I
am, too, a technical writer, as much as you are. I used IM to create my
resume. And guess what? Not to start *that* argument again, but every
single person I sent my resume to requested it in Word format. And not one
of them complained about the IM style when they were calling me to make an
appointment to get to know me better. Especially the person who hired me.
(Actually, she reminded me to add the fact that I had take the IM seminar
to my resume since their house was going to use it and she was sure many
others would, too.) Please don't assume that my sending a resume in IM
format means that I don't consider my audience when creating documentation.

Do you bad-tempered people have any idea of how you come across via e-mail?
Talk about arrogance.
If it weren't for the few nice folks on this list who manage to inform
without sneering, I'd be off this list in a hearbeat. My New Year's
resolution for this year is to try to be less judgmental. Maybe some
others on this list might join me...

Back to lurking,

Marsha G. Kamish
Houston, Texas

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