Re: Information Mapping

Subject: Re: Information Mapping
From: AlQuin <cbon -at- WXS -dot- NL>
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 14:04:32 +0100

On 25-12-1998 20:03 Marsha G. Kamish wrote:

>Sending out resumes in this way is not user-friendly at all. It presumes
>the possession of a certain Word template, you didn't check before at
>your recipients.
>This is the same arrogant style in building web-pages for "IE-only",
>excluding all others in the world.
>Are these people really consumer-oriented? No, they are just close-eyed
>professionals without being true tech-writers...
>My thesis.
Dear Marsha,
I was especially triggered by the quote (last line):
>>>(Let me clarify my last statement about sending a resume in Information
>>>Mapping format. I meant sending it electronically to be opened up in Word.)
>>If the recipient doesn't have the templates, it will be a jumbled mess.<<

to judge being NOT user-friendly. Since I am a TQM consultant by
profession, I want to stress a user-centered approach here in every
business' expression, including manuals and web-pages, which - the latter
- take too many hours to load.
Please, design with humans in mind, not polished professionalism...
Close this century with this intention.

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>Excuuuussse meee, but I don't consider myself close-eyed in the least. I
>am, too, a technical writer, as much as you are. I used IM to create my
>resume. And guess what? Not to start *that* argument again, but every
>single person I sent my resume to requested it in Word format. And not one
>of them complained about the IM style when they were calling me to make an
>appointment to get to know me better. Especially the person who hired me.
>(Actually, she reminded me to add the fact that I had take the IM seminar
>to my resume since their house was going to use it and she was sure many
>others would, too.) Please don't assume that my sending a resume in IM
>format means that I don't consider my audience when creating documentation.

Kees de Bondt

The Quality Professionals from Holland
wish you and yours
a prosit neujahr
AlQuin Total Quality - cbon -at- wxs -dot- nl

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