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Subject: Re: Portfolio questions
From: Corinne Kantor <corinne -at- KQ -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 17:03:28 -0800

Just out of curiousity, why do you place the most impressive pieces at the
end of the portfolio? Shouldn't they be at the beginning? That way, the
interviewer will have a good first impression and will see that you have the
actual skills they are looking for. Also, if the interviewer doesn't go
through the entire portfolio, they won't even see your best work. Just

>In short, here's what I adhere to:
>* Use a good-sized (11 x 17ish) graphic-designer-type black portfolio
>* No more than 10 - 12 pieces
>* The pieces should each display a page (the most impressive) from a given
>project. It's okay to display two or three pieces from the same project, as
>they as they're distinctive and display different aspects of your work.
>* The pieces should be sorted so that the most impressive and relevant work
>occurs near the end (arts editorials and newsletters near the front).
>* I use little flags or stickies to lead the reader through the portfolio,
>pointing out particular elements I developed (page design, effectiveness of
>step-by-steps, etc.) or related successes or comments on the project.
>* The reader is likely the skim your portfolio - it needs to look sharp,
>coherent and enticing.
>If I can find them, I have a couple of excellent articles on portfolios,
>which I could probably fax to you, or at least find a good on-line version.
>I'll have a look when I get a chance. Hope that helps. DB.
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>Subject: Portfolio questions
>Thank you for all your great suggestions. I have some new ideas to try
>and I feel like I will be making some constructive efforts towards my goal.
>It's a great feeling.
>I do have a question about portfolios. Does anyone have any suggestions
>about constructing one for a newbie? I do have writing samples but
>wondered how to present each one. Is there a suggested format? How many
>samples do you include, how long are each of the samples?
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