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Subject: Re: Another word on Word
From: CASSIN Gilles <GCassin -at- MEGA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:09:44 +0100

What you could do is :
Number each chapter beginning with page 1 (1-1, 2-1, ...). This is the
first thing I did when I began to edit documents for my company. This
type of numbering proves to be more helpful for users ; for instance, in
the index, they can easily identify if the reference correspond to the
relevent chapter. Moreover, it allows you to avoid scratching your head
as whether to add a paragraph on page 3 and then have to recompile the
TOC and the index then reprint the whole stuff.
Word allows you to generate TOCs and Indexes with reference to several
documents. (This is the purpose of RD fields.)
An important thing to know is that, when referring to another document,
you should edit the reference Word inserted, since it is an absolute
path. You can use relative paths, (..\folder\x.doc instead of
\\Server1\folder\x.doc) if you take care to have the path root as your
current folder. (You change the current folder with the open command,
selecting the proper folder the clicking cancel.) This is also true for
images referenced in external files.

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De: Sybille Sterk [mailto:sybille -at- BOFFIN -dot- BEYOND2000 -dot- CO -dot- UK]
Date: mercredi 3 février 1999 09:54
Objet: Another word on Word

Although Word is not my favourite word processor, it is the industry
standard so that's what I am using.

To cope with Word's problem with long documents I just open a new
for each chapter. If the chapter is especially big I might even have
several documents for one single chapter. When I am finished I copy all
chapters into one big document to create the TOC and index ,which are
unliked from the long document and copied each into a new document.

This works fine, although it would be better if Word's Masterdocument
feature (which does exactly do what I described above) would work any
better. Sometimes you can get lucky with the Masterdocument feature, but
mostly it just screws up everything.

I think the problem with big red Xs appearing instead of the graphics
something to do with Word crashing during the saving process. Just make
sure you save your document frequently without using the FAST SAVE or
SAVE features. Using the Backup Copy feature can be helpful, though.
are found in TOOLS, Options, Save.)

The problem is that we expect Word to do the job of a DTP program and to
certain degree Word is capable of doing just that, but not entirely. If
want all the features of a DTP program you will have to convince your
to buy one and use this instead. (My boss couldn't be convinced,
as it would take much longer for the help to be created because I am
messing around with the layout...) ;-)


Sybille Sterk
Technical Author and Translator (German)
email: sybille -at- boffin -dot- beyond2000 -dot- co -dot- uk


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