From: "Brierley, Sean" <Brierley -at- QUODATA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:50:27 -0500


About Acrobat:

I use Acrobat 3, including Distiller, fairly often. Consider these settings
for on-screen display (not pre-press settings, see your SB for those).

Acrobat 3.0 compatibility.
ASCII format de-selected (un-checked).
600dpi default resolution.
Compress text/line art selected (turned on).
Downsample color/greyscale images to 72dpi.
Downsample monochrome images to 300dpi.
Automatic compression for images selected.
Embed all fonts selected.
Subset all fonts below 50%.

Regarding Save and Save as: if you have modified a file repeatedly using
Exchange, use Save as to reduce the PDF file size. I am not familiar with a
Save function in the reader.

With the above settings and downsampling turned OFF, I have a PDF that is
about 1/8th the size of the FrameMaker files and graphics from which it was
created. This seems typical, for me. Similarly I have a 600k word97 file
that resulted in a 250K PDF. On the other hand, I have a 260K word file that
became a 380K PDF, this latter example has a lot of hypertext links in it
and no graphics at all.

Hope this helps.


>>>From: Hyde, Barb # IHTUL [mailto:Barb -dot- Hyde -at- TULSA -dot- CISTECH -dot- COM]
>>>Because I am new to Distiller, I am not yet familiar with
>>>its nuances in
>>>saving. However, try opening the PDF in the reader and
>>>saving it using the
>>>Save As option. Whenever I save using just the Save option,
>>>I get a message
>>>to the effect that using Save As optimizes the file for size - the
>>>implication being that Save does not.
>>>Barb Hyde
>>>barb -dot- hyde -at- ndcorp -dot- com

>>>> From: Sylvia Braunstein <sbraun -at- RUGGED -dot- COM>
>>>> When creating a PDF (using the Distiller Assistant), the pdf file
>>>> becomes approximately three times bigger than the original file.
>>>> I tried reducing the graphics from 600 to 300 dpi. No luck.
>>>> Something must be wrong with the setup.
>>>> Any ideas?
>>>> Thank you
>>>> Sylvia

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