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Subject: Re: Linking To Graphics-WORD
From: Naomi Bilodeau <naomi -at- GNQS -dot- ORG>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 10:14:35 +0000

Tracey Moore wrote:
>I had all of my graphics links in Word and then I opened the file later
>and big red x's appeared in the pictures' places. And the references to
>the graphics are gone. Any clue what happened?

Hi Tracey--I've had the same problem with Word's link to graphics feature.
When a document you are editing crashes, the autorecover copy of the file
has a tendency to lose track of the links you so carefully put in.

The only solution I could find was:
-Keep regular backups of your file (not AutoRecover, but real copies of
the file under a different name) so that you can minimize the damage when
this happens and you need to restore a chapter of your manual.

-Make the images as small as possible and (wince) include them in the
file. On a purely anecdotal basis, I'm not sure this one helped--I was
still getting those red x's once in awhile (though less frequently).
However, those might just have been links that I didn't get round to
embedding directly.

I had a suspicion that part of the problem was the fact that (due to our
network setup) I was using Windows to access files from a UNIX file
server. If the network slowed down, Windows (or Word?) would get confused
and think that the file was no longer there or corrupt, resulting in a
crash which ate my links. Much to my frustration, heavy load and crashes
correlated pretty neatly with production deadlines... If you are using a
similar network arrangement, saving a local file of your file might also
be an option.

If anyone else using links to graphics in Word knows of a tried-and-true
workaround, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, beware of linking graphics
in Word and good luck trying to beg/borrow/steal more RAM to deal with
the larger size files.


Naomi Black-Bilodeau (writer, astronomer, itinerant scribe...)

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