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Subject: Re: Linking To Graphics-WORD
From: Debbie Warren <dwarren -at- DTECHS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 09:37:18 -0600

I didn't write the original post. I just responded to it with suggestions
for relinking to the graphics. However, thanks for your instructions. I
never knew you could turn on field shading.

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From: Hyde, Barb # IHTUL <Barb -dot- Hyde -at- TULSA -dot- CISTECH -dot- COM>
Date: Friday, February 05, 1999 8:35 AM
Subject: Re: Linking To Graphics-WORD

>If you are linking and move the graphics files, the links will fail and you
>get the boxes. First, check to see if you link fields are still in place
>(they should be.):
>1. In Tools, Options, View, enable View Field Codes and select Always for
>Field Shading. Your links should show up on a gray background as path and
>filename. If so, you are cool.
>2. Check the field command. If it is INCLUDEPICTURE, you can use search
>replace to fix the links. If it is WORD LINK, you cannot.
>To fix links, you have two options other than updating them individually
>with Update Links:
>1. For INCLUDEPICTURE: Use Search and Replace to change the pathname in
>the link to the pathname to the current location of your graphics. After
>have changed the path name, update all of the links.
>To update all links, disable View Field Codes. Do Edit, Select All, and
>press F9.
>(Tip, In our group everyone works in a virtual drive named H:\DEV. No
>who is using the file, it is brought into H:DEV\ . . . thus the links are
>always good.
>2. For WORD LINK: Reconstruct the pathname shown in the link field and
>copy or move all your graphics to the reconstructed directory. Update Links
>with Select All and F9. DO NOT attempt to change Word LINKs with Search
>and Replace. You will lose them all.
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> Debbie Warren writes:
>> >I can't post to the list, my email keeps truncating the list. I hope you
>> >don't mind me asking you:
>> >
>> >I had all of my graphics links in Word and then I opened the file later
>> >and big red x's appeared in the pictures' places. And the references to
>> >the graphics are gone. Any clue what happened?

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