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Subject: Re: Linking To Graphics-WORD
From: "Hyde, Barb # IHTUL" <Barb -dot- Hyde -at- TULSA -dot- CISTECH -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 08:45:43 -0600

If you are linking and move the graphics files, the links will fail and you
get the boxes. First, check to see if you link fields are still in place
(they should be.):
1. In Tools, Options, View, enable View Field Codes and select Always for
Field Shading. Your links should show up on a gray background as path and
filename. If so, you are cool.
2. Check the field command. If it is INCLUDEPICTURE, you can use search and
replace to fix the links. If it is WORD LINK, you cannot.

To fix links, you have two options other than updating them individually
with Update Links:

1. For INCLUDEPICTURE: Use Search and Replace to change the pathname in
the link to the pathname to the current location of your graphics. After you
have changed the path name, update all of the links.

To update all links, disable View Field Codes. Do Edit, Select All, and
press F9.
(Tip, In our group everyone works in a virtual drive named H:\DEV. No matter
who is using the file, it is brought into H:DEV\ . . . thus the links are
always good.

2. For WORD LINK: Reconstruct the pathname shown in the link field and
copy or move all your graphics to the reconstructed directory. Update Links
with Select All and F9. DO NOT attempt to change Word LINKs with Search
and Replace. You will lose them all.

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Debbie Warren writes:
> >I can't post to the list, my email keeps truncating the list. I hope you
> >don't mind me asking you:
> >
> >I had all of my graphics links in Word and then I opened the file later
> >and big red x's appeared in the pictures' places. And the references to
> >the graphics are gone. Any clue what happened?
> >

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