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John David Hickey wanted to know who else has sent out pamphlets, how they
distributed 'em, and how much success they had.

In a former incarnation as a Contract Applications Instructor, I found
myself looking for work with a "young" firm with a fresh approach. I thought
that doing my resume in a pamphlet format would attract this kind of firm,
and so I started this "new wave" format. (Hey - it was '96...)

I applied for a job I REALLLLLLLLY wanted with a fabulous company, bringing
my "fresh approach" resume. Their instructors and graphics people loved it,
but their hiring manager was insulted - yep - insulted. He was from the "old
school" where your resume follows some style guide (sorry - had to say it!)
and uses Times New Roman 10 point font.

He made me resubmit my resume before he would even look at my
qualifications. (The sick part is, I had met him at a Trade Show, he knew my
background already, and he asked ME to submit a resume, after commenting on
how "innovative my business cards were...)

So I went back to the "old way", and got the job. However, my ingenuity was
not encouraged there (it was, but by my peers and students, not by the
management), and I eventually moved on to bigger and better things. (And
yep, I knew that was gonna happen as soon as the resume thing hit the
proverbial fan, it was a well-known company - looked great on a resume...)

I guess what I am saying is, it depends on what kind of business you are
planning to "stir up". If you want to work somewhere fairly stuffy that
doesn't like change, this isn't really the way to go. However, this pamphlet
thing worked great for creative stuff like desktop publishing...

Lisa Comeau
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