Re: How do you respond to job ads/salary?

Subject: Re: How do you respond to job ads/salary?
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:43:21 -0800

I don't want to suggest that any of us would lie, but why would any
prospective employer ask for a salary "history" (as opposed to a salary
requirement) and trust the answer. You could say any believeable thing you
wanted to, right? How would they know?
In California, at any rate, when someone calls for a reference, most if
not all company's policies prohibit them from giving out any salary
information. They will verify that you worked there, and from when to when,
but not what they paid you.
Of course, there is also the little fact that mainly I don't remember
what I made on previous assignment/positions. If, like me, you've had a lot
of both "permanent" (ha!) and contract jobs, you've been paid by the year
_with_ benefits and by the hour _without_ benefits, and lumping them all
together just seems meaningless. I know what my asking rate is, and what
the least annual salary I can accept is, and that's what I include.

Maggie Secara

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